We focus on diversification of our portfolio

We focus on diversification of our portfolio
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Realty+ converses with Rohit Katyal, Executive Director at Capacit’eInfraprojects. As Executive Chairman, at Capacit’eInfraprojects, Katyal is focused on Finance, Accounts & Audit, Procurement, Asset Management and Budget Control. 

What is the growth strategy Capacit’eInfraprojects is looking at given the dawn of the new FY?

It has been exciting journey of 6 years since 2012, and we are confident that the best is yet to come. At Capacit’e we have been striving to build our brand on quality delivery and customer centric construction solutions. We feel we have been able to adhere to these principles in every project that we have executed till now.

Going ahead, the strategy would focus on diversification of our portfolio. We would continue to scale new heights (literally) as we progress towards completion of some of super high rises we are constructing. We would continue our foray into various segments of building construction like commercial and IT parks, Institutional buildings, industrial factories, healthcare facilities, to name a few. We would focus on such segments where we can leverage our experience and expertise to contribute to the growth of the society that has helped us grow.

Though it might look like a mammoth task, we have necessary resources readily available with us to execute complex projects requiring optimization of time, cost and manpower. We are proponents of mechanization of our work sites and as such we would keep upgrading our asset base to reflect our commitments towards this principle.


What are some of the new age construction technologies the company uses?

Our Business model and capabilities is built around leveraging our understanding of varied types of   Construction Technologies and managing construction complexities. Listed below are the technologies used in all our projects.

  • Automatic Climbing Systems
  • Aluminum System Formwork
  • Modular Deck Panel System Formwork
  • Tunnel Formwork
  • Table Formwork
  • Modular Panel System Formwork
  • Conventional System


What is your opinion of the current scenario of the construction industry?

The Construction industry in India is the second largest in the world and one of the key drivers of economic growth in India. Moreover, in our assessment, one of the key highlights of the construction industry is its potential to provide livelihood to the urban poor.

The industry today stands at an interesting confluence, where several factors like environmental sustainability, inclusive growth, and digitalisation are bringing forth challenges that were unheard of earlier. For, example last year, India generated more energy through solar power plants than through coal fired power plants. Similarly, in the real estate affordable housing has emerged as a major focus area and private real estate developers as well as government agencies are developing projects in this domain.


Do you see the upcoming elections affecting the industry?

The elections are massive exercises in democracies which involve deployment of large number of resources by government agencies to ensure smooth and fair election processes. And Indian elections are one of the largest such exercises in the world. Though, the elections do not affect the industry in longer duration of time.

The fact that many of the government employees would be assigned to election duties can affect the statutory approvals processes that form an integral part of project execution schedules.

During the elections, due to code of conduct, government cannot launch new projects and as such you would see a lull in the market during this time.


What new project does the company have in the future?

We are currently executing number of prestigious projects that would soon become landmarks adorning the city landscapes. Our strategy is to associate with marquee clientele and landmark projects. We have a strong order pipeline and there are few projects that we expect to acquire in the first quarter of this financial year. It would be premature to disclose names of the projects that we would be acquiring, however we very optimistic.  As mentioned earlier, our focus would strongly remain acquiring projects in segments like commercial and IT parks, Institutional buildings, industrial factories, healthcare facilities, etc.

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