‘We provide complete LED general lighting solutions’

‘We provide complete LED general lighting solutions’
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In an exclusive interview with Arun Gupta, MD, NTL Group; talks about trends and his company’s future plans with Realty Plus

What are the latest products offered by your brand?

NTL Lemnis has just launched an innovative product “Pharox Decora Track light”. Decora Track light has a sleek and unique design for enhancing décor of any retail space. The Pharox Decora Track lights are dimmable masterpieces that create a perfect lighting ambiance with the help of light level adjustment to save on energy costs. The precise beam angle of the luminaire delivers the best quality light with spots that are easily adjustable along with great rendition of colors and excellent color consistency. This latest product is designed for multiple applications like Shop windows, Shopping malls, Museums, Retail Showrooms, Art galleries, hotels, Event venues, etc. In the last year, we have launched several other products too targeted at the retail market. This adds to the complete Pharox range which has more than 250 products.

What are the market trends for 2016?

The trends currently shaping the LED lighting industry include:

• LEDs with higher efficacy are commercially available to be used in different products. It can be seen in most of our products.

• New and innovative heat sinks are getting designed by the manufacturer which can dissipate more heat from a compact surface area. For example High bays, street lights & flood lights.

• Plastic housing in place of metals is increasingly being used by the manufacturers in retrofit lamps. In most of our range of lamps.

• New Innovation in the sector (SENSORS) – Switching from a traditional to an LED based lighting system can yield significant energy savings. Additional reductions in power consumption can be achieved by incorporating sensors in the lighting systems. Use of LEDs reduced energy consumption by 40-50% which goes further down with the presence of sensors.

• Mood Lighting-Allows you to create multiple moods during set times of the day. LEDs can produce different colours which is very important especially for the hospitality sector where ambience plays a critical role.

Dimmable LED lights are great for mood lighting. One can alter the mood by increasing or decreasing the intensity of the light. We have products with different colour temperatures, but they are static. One product will have 1 CCT only. Dynamically changing colours in 1 fixtures, such product is not there.

The total lighting Industry, including lighting electronics is expecting a healthy growth in the year 2015-16. The current size of the total market is around Rs. 9600crores. PM’s domestic efficient lighting programme is a very good initiative which will propel the early adoption of LED bulbs by the consumers. The Government is taking all the possible steps to ensure that it gets adopted, including subsidizing the costs to a great extent and offering low EMI schemes for even the balance cost. McKinsey report has predicted that 70% of lighting will become LED based by 2020.

What is the USP of your company?

We provide complete LED general lighting solutions and have a repertoire of more than 250 products the first LED lamp in India was developed and manufactured by NTL. NTL Lemnis, a JV company between NTL Electronics – India’s foremost player in lighting electronics and Lemnis Lighting – Netherlands based pioneer in LED technology & product design.

NTL Lemnis designs, manufactures and sells energy efficient LED lighting solutions for Indian as well as the global audience. NTL Lemnis exploits the global design, production and distribution strengths of both the parent companies to deliver innovative solutions for Home & Commercial lighting globally.

NTL Lemnis produces a complete range of energy efficient LED lighting products under the umbrella of the acclaimed Lemnis brand, Pharox, globally. The company’s USP is its ability to develop and manufacture products, which are direct replacements of traditional lighting solutions, at market acceptable prices, without compromising on the quality of light. The main USP of our products is that they come from a vertically integrated organization. NTL Lemnis is one of the few companies which have equally good product design and development strengths as manufacturing and operations. This translates into products which are the most reliable & best suited for the customers’ needs.

What is the target audience for your products?

NTL Lemnis designs, manufactures and sells energy efficient LED lighting solutions for Indian as well as the global audience. NTL Lemnis’s primary focus in the initial two years was on the industries that are typical energy guzzlers, such as Retail, IT & ITeS, Hospitality & Healthcare, Real estate. Today, NTL Lemnis is focused on creating an effective sales and distribution network across the country, so that its entire range, which includes a portfolio of more than 250 products, can be made available directly to the end consumer.

In addition, NTL Lemnis is a major partner to Government initiatives to make mass adoption of LED bulbs possible.

What are your future plans?

From our current group turnover of approx Rs. 600 crore, we are expecting that our NTL Group’s sales turnover will reach around Rs 2000 crore for FY 2019-20.

NTL Lemnis (LED division for the brand side) is planned for Rs. 500 crore by 2019-20. We are hopeful to control at least 5% of the LED market in India and targeting revenue 25% from the LED business from FY2019-20.

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