‘We strive to create a very congenial yet very hygienic atmosphere’

‘We strive to create a very congenial yet very hygienic atmosphere’
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Sanjeev Dayal, Vice President-Sales and Marketing, Carysil, talks about the designer brand from Carysil

Tell us about your company and core competencies?

Carysil is a designer brand and the only manufacturer of composite quartz kitchen sinks in Asia. Conceptualized and incepted in 1986 under the parent company Acrysil, CARYSIL is an outcome of a joint venture between the parent company and inventors of the product, Schock& Co., GmbH of Germany. Three decades later, CARYSIL is the third largest company in its segment in the world.

Made from the finest quality raw material using cutting edge technology and incorporating the latest international trends in design and style, CARYSIL Quartz Sinks are sold to discerning customers in over 30 countries worldwide like USA, UK, Germany, France, Canada, China, Far East and Gulf Countries

What are the latest products offered by your brand?

Carysil recently launched new products which includes Polo Sinks, Tam Tam G4 Hobs and Free Standing Cooking Range. Polo sinks come with two bowls and a drainer and an easy to clean surface. These are also available in stylish colors like Deep Black, Dusk Grey, Pera and Bianca.

Carysil Hobs Tam Tam G4 come with 3 gas burners and an electrical hot plate is made with black tempered glass and an auto ignition feature, these hobs have been designed to meet every household’s needs. Carysil’s Free Standing Cooking Range is made of full stainless steel body, it has a gas operating oven to bake multiple dishes and a rotisserie for barbecue. Its 4 Italian Sabaff burners give added functionality and multiple cooking choices to the user. Besides, timer function and FFD device enhance the safety.

What are the market trends for 2016?

With the changing transition of lifestyle in the country, food habits and preferences are also witnessing a transformation. A majority of people are becoming conscious about their health while cooking a meal at home. Chronic disease and obesity are on the rise in the country so it is with little wonder that health and nutrition have become top priorities when dining. Considering the current scenario, the luxury kitchen segment is expected to introduce products and appliances that will require a minimal amount of oil and water while cooking, keeping the taste as well as nutrients of the food intact.

What is the USP of your company?

Carysil is the only manufacturer of granite kitchen sinks in Asia. Carysil Quartz Sinks are sold to discerning customers in over 30 countries worldwide like USA, UK, Germany, France, Canada, China, Far East and Gulf countries.

Who are your target audience for your products?

Carysil is a luxury kitchen appliance brand. Therefore the brand strikes a chord with the wealthy buyers owing to its striking innovative looks and styling, originality in design and its ability to delight the eye.

What are your future plans?

Carysil is a premium brand as far as the sinks which is Granite and Stainless steel is concerned. We have witnessed a growth of over and above 80% in the year 2015. We have recently introduced Built in Kitchen appliances consisting of Electric designer chimneys, Hobs, Built in oven, Microwave, Dishwashers, Cooking range, Wine Coolers, Refrigerators, Barbeque, Deep fryers Etc.

In appliance category though, we have certain challenges as of now because of some good competition. Our previous experience and excellent market connect has helped in establishing the appliance business quite well. In the coming year too, we are planning to take the strategy on an aggressive note and we have already started working towards it.

We are confident of our products, after sales services and various innovative marketing initiatives which will take our brand forward and place it to the next league.

What strategies do you follow to handle competition from your organized and unorganized counterparts?

To handle competition from our counterparts, we follow aggressive marketing strategies and best service backup/ time bound service back up wherein we provide services to the customers before the time line provided by them. For instance, if the customer wants service in the next 48 hours, we strive to provide the service within 15-20 hours. We also aim to provide the best product display in the business. By following all these strategies, our brand would be visible and no one can stop the brand from growing.

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