Welcoming 2016– The Vastu Way

Welcoming 2016– The Vastu Way
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Each one of us wishes that our New Year should begin with more Money, Love and Happiness in our lives! You may be little amazed by the fact that the house/building in which you live greatly influences your life.

Documented research in vastu shastra proves that all you need is to check certain things in your house, it is the most important day, when youshould check certain things in your house, such as the direction of the main entrance door, the location of all the rooms, the colours that are used on the different walls, the position of the, bed/s, dressing table, dining table, study table, photographs, computer, washing machine, etc.You can learn about all these yourself on the basis of practical vastu Case Studies in a vastu Course, and find out if there are any vastu faults in your house.

The New Year is also the time when people are busy in planning to make their coming yearmore and more gainful, and accordingly, look for best investment options to multiply their gains. With the ever rising demand, the real estate offers a lucrative investment option. So, if you too are planning to invest in property, then always go for a vastu compliant property for more career growth, gains and prosperity.

Keep in Check
While selecting a property – no matter, whether it is residential or commercial, if you keep following vastu check points in mind it will ensure a good return on your investment. While buying a plot/ land in this New Year, you must pay attention to the adjacent roads and slopes. You must avoid buying a plot with road hitting it from South, West or South-West directions.

If the plot is for commercial use, then, you should also keep in mind the purpose of its usage. For example, according to MahaVastu, a plot with cut in the South-West direction is not advisable for property dealing, whereas, a plot having high zonal power of the East will prove good for a politician.

Now, if you are planning to invest in a built-up apartment, bungalow, shop or showroom, then you must first check it on the basis of the 4-Step Vastu method, such as the Entrance, Room Locations, Elements and Objects, as follows:

Entrance Door: The 2nd door in South direction brings in quick promotion and career growth for people working in MNCs. Similarly, 3rd and 4th doors attract big money and increases foot fall in a showroom. On the other hand, the 5th and 6th door bring in debts and abject poverty. So, you must ensure the right location of entrance door, either by learning it yourself or by reading the effects of 32 Entrances mentioned in MahaVastu.
Room Locations: Avoid buying a house with bedrooms located in South-South-West (SSW), West-North-West and East-South-East vastu zones. Similarly, Toilet in the North-East and South-West must be avoided. A shop or house having right planning as per the attributes of 16 vastu Zones attracts money, footfall, gains, profits and better health.
Balance of Five Elements: You must do vastu evaluation of certain points like water tanks, boring, kitchen, plants, balcony, storage, open spaces, slopes, colours and designs. A building having underground water tank in South-East is hard to sell later. However, after purchasing the property, you can set the balance easily with scientific MahaVastu remedies like using colours, metals and electric bulbs. You can consult an experienced vastu Expert for this.
Objects: While buying existing homes, you need to check right placement of symbols, paintings, sculptures and household articles and appliances. For example, if there is a Swastika or Ganesha made on the main door, you must remove it immediately after buying the property.
To attract more growth and prosperity in the New Year, clear the North-East Zone of all the clutter, and keep the idols of Gods or Goddesses that you worship in this zone.Besides this, meditating in this zone in the New Year will ensure the flow of divine power or grace through your house and your body, gifting you with clarity of mind, good health and success in your lives.

Also, ensure that your toilets, dustbins and brooms are keptin the South-South-West (SSW), or in the East-South-East (ESE), or in the West-North-West (WNW) vastu zones. If located in any other zone, it will hamper the gains and successes brought in the New Year, in whichever venture you undertake.

According to MahaVastu, the placement of interior objects in your house is vital to attract more money, happiness and prosperity in your lives. For example: Keep all the mixer grinders in the East-South-East Zone, where they will churn away all the negative energies, leading to better decision-making in you. A washing machine should be ideally placed in the West- North-West (WNW) Zone to wash away the painful memories of the past and start afresh.

As far as kitchen appliances are concerned, the cooking gas or the gas stove should be ideally placed in the South-East or the South-South-East vastu zone.If kept anywhere else in the house,it can be treated by a stone slab of an appropriate colour and material, as advised by a MahaVastu consultant.

Colours are Important
Do take good care of Colours in the New Year, as they have a deep impact on your subconscious mind, and thus, are an effective medium to correct the vastu faults in your buildings.For instance, avoid shades of blue, grey and black in between the South and South-East, as these create insecurity, financial losses, hurdles and weaknesses.Also avoid red and maroon shades in the North and South-West zones, as it will affect adversely on both the flow of money andrelationships with your family members and friends.

On the whole, light, pastel shades prove beneficial for all the rooms. In the 2-Day vastu Foundation Course, you can learn to select the right colours, as per their suitability in various Vastu zones in your home—such as green andblue in the East,yellow and white in the West, and blue and whitein the North.

Well, Lights are also a great way to provide decoration, and are proven MahaVastu cures too! For auspicious and joyous celebrations, avoid blue lights in the South-East Zone.Instead you can use red bulbs here. Basically, blue and green lights in the Northern zone and white or yellow lights in the Western zone are good.

To strengthen love, affection and bonding within your family members, keep a framed picture of your family in the South-West Zone of your home, and place all your gifts in the Eastern Zone of your home for better social connectivity. A picture or statue of Lord Buddha in the North-East Zone will bring Peace and Harmony. In addition to all these, if you wish to attract more Money and Prosperity, just put a green plant in a blue vase in the North direction.Fresh flowers in a blue or greenvase in the East-North-East Zone will refresh your mind, removing all negativities and rejuvenate your soul in the New Year, i.e., 2016!

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