Well-designed spaces- new USP for realty projects

Well-designed spaces- new USP for realty projects
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Architects, Interior designers and Developers are natural collaborators and their synergies are of paramount importance in the real estate sector as the Creative Yin of an architect and an interior designer balances the Commercial Yang of the developer. Talking to Realty Plus, Shriya Kolte, Founder, Imagination Inc, shares her perspective on the same. Excerpts…

The importance of synergy between an interior designer and a project developer:

There is a consideration synergy between an overall design and the artwork that is displayed in the space. Composition is something, which is highly important to architects, interior designers and developers.  The primary way they do this is through spatial design and planning.

When they work together they create wonders. The core of the entire project grows stronger. The creative members find a synergy through listening to each other and creating a very fluid work process akin to its very designs. This keeps in line design sensibility, the principles of design and thus creates a unique and stylish product. This aims to help value in the different areas of design.

The challenge of sales& marketing of a project that an interior designer has to consider:

Some of the major challenges an interior designer faces is reaching out to the right people through its sales and marketing activities. Identifying the qualified prospects, this mainly is aimed through the word of mouth from past clients. Not too many interior designers have a very large budget for sales & marketing expenses. Another challenge is converting prospects into clients, as many clients struggle to understand the value for the designing services. And lastly, once the client is converted the challenge is living upto expectations. Very often designers claim to get underpaid for the amount of time they spend on a particular client. These practices of the industry rarely leave scope for a large marketing budget.

How can interior design be the marketing tool for a developer?

Developers’, who opt for interior designers in their marketing campaigns as a tool, reflect on the fact that they work in synergy with all the related teams towards the project. This gives prospective clients an image of a more detailed and well-planned developer. Once a project is completed, the designer would be featured on the developer’s brochure, portal, etc for years to come. A designer gives the project a personality and an identity!

How to balance between Design Sensibilities and Business Possibilities:

Architects and interior designers exchange thoughts and specific expertise, experiencing and creating synergy and building a unique identity to the project. It has to match people’s needs, create customer value and market opportunity for the project. This ideal situation would be achieved by thorough market research, which would ensure clear distinction from competitors, a unique offering, maintaining the budget and at the same time creating something useful, visually appealing and of value. An integrated project designed with technical feasibility and a viable business strategy.

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