Why Clubs Should be Professionally Managed

Why Clubs Should be Professionally Managed
Oct 2018 , by , in Press Room

Walk into any residential compound and step into the clubhouse, it is easy to tell the difference between a professionally managed clubhouse and a self-operated clubhouse. Getting professionals involved has several benefits, clubhouses that are well-managed serve as social pivots creating vibrant communities that bring people together and add much-needed energy and excitement to a residential complex.
By:Keshav Baljee, MD – Spree Clubs

At Spree, we ensure each facility we manage fosters a micro-community around it. Clubs today, are not just a combination of a pool and a health club, there is so much more going on. Health and wellness – spa’s, salons, elaborate gyms, specialized rooms for fitness classes like Zumba, Pilates and Yoga are all part of modern-day clubs health and wellness initiatives. The traditional facilities management mind-set of merely opening, cleaning and maintaining the facility does not suffice, instead, a more dynamic approach is required. At Spree, we actively engage with the members of the club, to drive business using classes, activities, and events, and thereby increase not only the revenue but also membership engagement and satisfaction, we handle this seamlessly using our portfolio of expert consultants, delivering high-quality health and wellness events.

Restaurants, bars, banquet halls, cafes, deli, and bakery counters and juice bars at gyms, Spree conceptualizes it all and ensures ultimate guest satisfaction. This is a key differentiator between professionally managed clubs and self-operated clubs!

Have you noticed that so many clubs look like ghost towns, and then residents are loathe to pay for their upkeep? This is usually because residents stop using the clubs due to deficient service. Enter Spree; we organize activities and events to increase the usage of each and every facility, to ensure better satisfaction and greater compliance with monthly payments. We also draw on our auditing skills of having worked with over 100+ clubs pan-India, to suggest how to re-purpose areas that are not working out.

Larger clubs that are open to outsiders can sell memberships to recover the cost of construction and drive even greater footfalls, thereby reducing the monthly outgo for apartment or villa owners. Spree helps design and create a program for the same. Multi-phase projects benefit greatly from our operational expertise — we run the club to high standards and realize the lifestyle promoted in the sales brochures. When potential buyers (or potential tenants) see the high quality of club operations, the property’s desirability increases manifold in their minds.
Spree is India’s largest independent clubhouse operator, using our hospitality DNA to craft excellent experiences for members across India. We work with leading developers like DLF, IREO, Brigade, M3M, Godrej Properties, Mahindra Lifespaces, and Century, amongst others to ensure faster sales realizations, greater member satisfaction, and higher sustainability for clubs nationwide.

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