Why Self-Redevelopment is easy with Project Management Consultants

Why Self-Redevelopment is easy with Project Management Consultants
06/11/2019 , by , in EXPERT ZONE

-By Pranay Goyal, Founder, Wedevelopment
Traditionally PMCs were Architect or Engineering firms working for the societies to gauge their development potential based on the prevalent government norms. They took one step ahead and started supporting Societies in getting Builders on board to fulfil their redevelopment needs. But now, when it comes to self-redevelopment, the requirement is far broader and complex than what used to be done in traditional redevelopment.
In self-redevelopment, a Society itself replaces a Builder and takes overall control of the project. While the Society is capable to manage all aspects of self-redevelopment themselves, they might be unaware of the rights, prevalent norms, best practices, benefits, and drawbacks of self-redevelopment projects.
This is where the project management consultant plays an important role. It’s not only beneficial when it comes to rights, but a PMC (Project Management Consultant) can help Societies from over-expenses, advising during critical decisions, and bringing in best practices of the industry while safeguarding the interests of the Society members.
Now-a-days, most of the housing societies are in quest of a management body which is very well capable of taking control of the entire process that comprises of handling professionals like architects, engineers, advocates, finances, sales, government permissions and keeping track of assisting the society members with constant innovative designs, insights and ideas throughout the project. Societies require a PMC who can take charge of the entire procedure right from planning and design up to execution. Such Self-Redevelopment PMCs are becoming the most preferred option that delivers an all-round assistance to the society.
With an increasing number of projects being stuck mid-way, people are losing hopes in Builders. A number of redevelopment projects are stuck due to lack of funds or Builders exiting from the project. This has made it difficult for people to trust any Builder. Transparency is essential to rebuild trust among the Society members. Professionally-managed teams providing maximum benefits and efficient risk mitigation are the key for building faith among consumers.
A Project Management Consultant’s role is highly important because of the independent approach towards self-redevelopment. A PMC represents the Society and manages the project and controls quality until the very end i.e. building possession.
A Project Management Consultant has a wide variety of roles to play during the project process. The Consultant plays a multifaceted part in the project, and is usually involved in the project from the project’s inception to its completion. It is important to fully understand the role and responsibility of a PMC. Doing so ensures that the expertise of the Consultant can be fully maximized on the Project. Usually the role is led by the Project Manager along with a team of Construction Managers, and allied team of Design Architects, Statutory Architects, Construction Engineers and other Design Consultants. Every Project is different i.e. unique, every Project demands the full attention, professionalism and energy of its Project team. Self-redevelopment as a new approach in Mumbai is growing at quick pace. Due to the rapid expansion in this space, the services provided by the consultants will get standardized over a period of time to meet the expectations of Societies and their Projects.

So, it’s extremely crucial that the PMC, to whom the Society takes on board for their self-redevelopment project, is the one they can completely rely on. There are a number of critical points that a Society undertaking self-redevelopment should consider – at the start, during or after completion. Most of the Societies are unaware of the facts and procedures that need to be followed for self-redevelopment. Hence an experienced Project Management Consultant becomes critical to overcome any challenges that could come up during the process of self-redevelopment.
An experienced and well adept PMC can help the Society throughout the process of self-redevelopment allowing Society members to gain maximum benefits.
Knowledge and proper guidance is what makes a self-redevelopment project successful. It’s therefore vital to partner with a PMC who has an end-to-end expertise to help you reach the successful completion of your project with ease.

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