Wipro Lighting’s latest campaign highlights their “Safe and touch-free” offering

Wipro Lighting’s latest campaign highlights their “Safe and touch-free” offering
Sep 2020 , by , in Press Room

Wipro Lighting released their latest digital campaign highlighting their ‘Contactless’ lighting technology. With the rapid spread of coronavirus, social distancing, and constant vigilance on sanitization, have become basic necessities in our daily lives. And while we continue to hear of developments in technology to minimize physical contact, not many exist in India – at least till now. Wipro Lighting’s range of lighting controls enabled with voice instruction is a “revolutionary” move in the current scenario.

The latest campaign by the brand depicts its concept of touch free lighting through a fascinating story with a focus on the message of “one less touch” in our daily activities. The film opens in the middle of the night as a doctor returns home from duty. Instinctively his hand reaches out for the switchboard to turn on the lights, however, he quickly backs up and gives a voice command for the lights to turn on – avoiding any physical contact. As he goes on to search for some snacks, an innocent yet stern voice is heard as his daughter interrupts him saying, “Alexa, switch on the Wipro dining room lights,” and then points out: “Sabka khayal rakthe hai. Par khud ka kaun rakhega?”. The campaign manages to beautifully capture the story of our frontline heroes as they attempt to keep their loved ones safe at all times, while depicting the benefits of this ‘contactless’ lighting range in their day to day activities.

Talking about the campaign Mr. Sanjay Gupta, Senior Vice President & Business Head, Wipro Consumer Lighting and Switches said “Covid-19 has impacted everyone’s life and has completely changed the way we went about doing even the normal things. This new advertisement from Wipro lighting is to highlight the need to inculcate one more change for everyone’s good and safety. It brings out one of the benefits of Wipro smart lights whereby the consumer can avoid touching the switches; thereby ensuring “one touch less” for safety of everyone. We also zeroed in on this script as this also highlights the sacrifices being made by doctors (all health care professionals in general) and their family during these difficult times”

While technology products often choose the cold and direct approach, Wipro has always emphasized on taking the softer, warmer route for their communication. This one is no different. Considering the troubled times we are in; this is more of an homage to our doctors than a hard-selling product film. The smart light consciously takes a backseat in the narrative and plays an enabler of sorts, making its role surprisingly human“, said Mr. Nikhil Narayanan, Creative Director, Ogilvy.

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