With zero-touch sensor technology; Roca launches EP-2 Sensor Flush Plates promoting hygiene in bathrooms

With zero-touch sensor technology; Roca launches EP-2 Sensor Flush Plates promoting hygiene in bathrooms
Dec 2020 , by , in Realty Spotlight

Designed to limit hand contact in bathrooms with touch-free sensor technology that enables auto flushing functionality for WCs

On one hand, bathrooms are a space for relaxation, rejuvenation, and freshness and on the other side an active hub for microorganisms that can cause various illnesses and infections. The root cause of such infections is increased and frequent usage of the space by multiple humans, hence maintaining clean space is necessary. Understanding and delivering wellness and hygiene in bathrooms, Roca, the world’s leading manufacturer of premium sanitaryware announced the introduction of the all new EP-2 Sensor flush plates in the Indian market. These innovative flush plates are equipped with sensor-based technology that detects the hand movement of the user and automatically flushes the WC. The touchfree flush plate also offers many other features like automatic flushing, hygienic flushing and a quick and easy installation.

EP-2 Sensor flush plates are based on the principle of sensory activation and captivating designing. It boasts a technology that eliminates any kind of direct contact, preventing the transmission of microorganisms and maximizing hygiene. It operates wholly on sense, is made of special glass material that is easy to clean and prevents germ build-up. The EP-2 Sensor flush plates are compatible with all the existing range of Roca concealed cisterns. 
Mr. KE Ranganathan, Managing Director, Roca Parryware said,“Innovation and Design thinking is the key driver for us at Roca and this is well translated into our product engineering and development. Every product introduced at Roca is designed keeping in mind the modern-day needs of individuals and their environment; their well-being, safety and hygiene are of utmost priority to us. We are thrilled to launch our EP-2 sensor flush plates that enable a touchfree experience and provide our users with a futuristic solution. Considering the current pandemic situation, the importance of touchfree products are now paramount and such advancements and technologies in the category are positively transforming our lifestyle and comprehensive experience of cleanliness in our bathrooms.”

The pandemic has led to increased acceptance towards innovative and smart technologies irrespective of a small or a big sized washroom. The newly added product will not only provide a healthier environment but also enhance the washroom experience that provides a level of convenience with increased efficiency of one’s bathroom. Roca’s EP-2 sensor flush plate will provide consumers with a touch-free, auto-flush experience that will protect them from the transmission of viruses and bacteria. The EP-2 sensor flush plates come in dazzling white colour offering with four light variants i.e. Violet, Orange, Green, and Blue and can be customised as per an individual’s requirement.

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