Women Entrepreneurs can help in Better Planning

Women Entrepreneurs can help in Better Planning
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Women entrepreneurs have established themselves well in the professional strata. Be it an organized or an unorganized sector they have proved their mettle. In an open-heart discussion with Realty Plus, Anupama Bihani, Owner, Mirabel Interior, spoke about the various aspects of women entrepreneurship.

Her ardor to actualize the imagination into absoluteness allured her to the field of interiors which gave her the idea to establish Mirabel Interior and Furniture Design Studio in 2007.

Challenges for a woman professional to establish in the real estate sector

Initially it was really tough as a woman to make a niche in an industry where men rule. It takes a while for people to accept a women entrepreneur. People are not ready to take command from a female but when you hold the right knowledge to share and are true to your belifs, then you get accepted and appreciated.

The different perspective a female leadership can bring to the realty business

Without being biased I would like to say that a female definitely has an upper edge when it comes to creative skills. A female entrepreneur prefers working as a team not as a leader which helps her develop a good connection with her team, workmen, co-workers and the clients. The trust and satisfaction levels are also high when a female is leading a company. Apart from this, people tend to become polite in their behavior, thus at work the overall atmosphere is pretty healthy.

The personal journey of establishing yourself

I don’t view myself differently from my team; whatever I am today is just because each team member has given a 100% to make Mirabel Interiors Studio. The journey as a professional has been good and shall continue in the best way. We all are learning and evolving each day, so we are growing in terms of brand with each site. Sharing ideas, giving finest inputs, being cost effective and establishing trust has helped the company to craft a niche in this industry.

The reasons for limited numbers of women in top management in Indian real estate

It is true that there are a very few women at the top ranks in Indian realty industry. This is mainly because it is difficult to deal with the mind set of different people. Also, at times being a woman factors like time constraint, commuting long distance, standing in the sun, handling labours at work, all becomes a tedious task as a beginner. Due to all this sometimes women back out or sometimes the low acceptance by people makes her step back. For any business, for that instance, I would suggest women professionals to do their homework properly and hold a strong will so as to lead to achieve, there is no reason to look back.

The growth plans of the company

The company executes both residential as well as commercial projects. The boutique studio is in Delhi and a separate factory for furniture manufacturing. We see more creative potential in residential projects so the company is expanding more in furniture sector. Soon we will be coming up with a furniture studio and would foray into online business too. The company offers both interior designing as well as Vastu consultancy to the elite clients who d are passionate about their spaces.


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