Workspace Design Trends in 2019

Workspace Design Trends in 2019
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2019 seems to be an exciting year for Workspaces. Creativity will play catalyst while you make use of every corner. Designs should be focused on making a self-configurable office that can be altered, with the need of the hour. The Indian workplaces ecosystem is going to see a lot of exciting changes. Sit back, relax and enjoy your work!!

Praveen Rawal, Managing Director of Steelcase, Southeast Asia and India, ShaishavDharia, Regional CEO, Lodha Group and Amit Ramani, Founder and CEO of Awfis, share a list of cool tips:

  • Creativity enhanced by Technology: We’ve reached an era of peak screen time. Right now, screen time limits our impact with the physical environment, but that’s changing. Help is coming from our workplace and technology.  Our spaces will become less about passively consuming what’s on our screens and more about how we interact with technology and tools. We will incorporate technology to design and create environment which will enable colleagues to work freely in-turn enhancing productivity.


  • Design by Data: Data has entered the work environment, adding significant value to the conversation between designers and customers. Does everyone need their own workstation or private office? Or would more private enclaves and collaboration spaces better serve the team? Sensors in the workplace can help organizations learn how often people are at their desks and what kinds of spaces will best support their people.


  • The Digital Effect:Combining aesthetics with algorithms, multiple traditional offices &coworking spaces are infusing technology and digital tools to facilitate a conducive environment, ease in day-to-day functioning for businesses and employees as well. From smart access, smart spaces to smart meeting rooms, making use of a dedicated one app solution for a range of tasks such as QR based visitor management, booking a conference room etc. to enabling parking allotments based on an organized number plate system through smart cameras, further aid in streamlining experiences in office spaces.


  • Celebrate Communities: Designers are explorers searching for inspiration in buildings being renovated into more creative workplaces. They are conscientious in saving elements of interior architecture that reflect unique parts of a found building. By connecting new work culture in a meaningful way to the collective identity of the location, community and brand, designers are creating authenticity in the workplace in the world. Additionally, to foster innovation and community building, Office spaces are enabling collaboration through multi-use grand lobbies with activity-based settings to encourage networking, informal meeting zones etc.  Such amenities also culminate in creating authenticity in the workplace and boost productivity as well.


  • Biophilia 2.0: The innate desire to connect and bond with nature is experiencing a resurgence because of the balance we need from our digital world and the benefit nature’s restorative qualities provide our wellbeing. Synergizing elements like embedded greens, infusing revitalizing exterior elements, complying with sustainable standards and ensuring use of material and colours that offer the calm and comfort, are majorly attracting the millennial workforce. Every organization‘s success heavily depends on how well it maximizes the creative and productive capacity of its workforce. Therefore, in today’s world it is predominant to create a healthy work environment through a blend of active urban setting as well as propagate a stress-free ecosystem by taking sustainable measures. Synergizing elements like embedded greens, infusing revitalizing exterior elements, benchmarking with upgraded sustainable standards such as WELL & FITWEL, and ensuring use of material and colours that offer the calm and comfort, are majorly attracting the millennial workforce, which is touted to be accounted as 64% of workforce by 2020.


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