World Environment Day 2020

World Environment Day 2020
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Veteran architect Divya Kush, President of The Indian Institute of Architects holds human beings responsible for the present ecological imbalance.


Once again we will be celebrating the World Environment Day on June the 5th, 2020. Is it going to end up as yet another day of rituals, sharing messages, organizing events and now the latest craze webinars as happens on most other similar days throughout the year! Or is it going to be day to have a fresh look at the way we need to deal with the issues of environment which is so important for the Ecological balance on our planet.

Ecological balance between nature & humankind has to be taken as an article of faith in our lives. It cannot be a matter of a momentary response to to an event however catastrophic it may be.

On our planet, we the human beings are alone responsible for the ecological imbalance particularly of the recent origin & we alone are capable and responsible to not only restore but tilt the balance in favor of nature. That is, if we want life to survive on this planet.

Urbanization is a natural and organic manifestation of the desire of the humankind for a better and comfortable life. This desire particularly at a time when the natural resources on our planet are under tremendous pressure cannot be allowed to be the justification for the ecological imbalance.

As architects and urban planners we can play a very significant role in protecting the sustainability of the environment through our design interventions from the conceptual stages itself while preparing plans for the real estate and infrastructure development.

This year on June the 5th 2020, when we celebrate the World environment day let us all take a pledge that,” Living in incomplete harmony with nature shall be an article of Faith for us not just in our professional work but equally so in all our activities.”

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