World Environment Day Special: By Lingel Windows

World Environment Day Special: By Lingel Windows
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Lingel Project Details

Project Name: Residence of Mr. Golcha and Mrs. Aarti


  1. The challenge of the project started with its location.
  2. This is the residence of ARCHITECTS which was a Masterpiece of mind and craftsmanship.
  3.  The Alu system, Lingel 6.0. with all its unique features was used for the extra-large glasses  with an overall glass thickness of up to 38mm.
  4. A large number of the windows are not at right angle( Model windows ).
  5. Swing roof top window from Velux inbuilt into the roof tile structure.


Initiative taken by Lingel Windows:

  1. The development was handled by our German R&D team at our head quarter.
  2. On site planning with the steel contractor
  3. Lingel had taken the entire responsibility fabrication of each window as per actual size due to on site fabrication tolerances of the steel sub frames


Lingel Project_Residence of Mr Golcha and Mrs Aarti


Location challenge: Connoor

  1. The reloading of Trucks after Coimbatore to smaller trucks so that it could climb the mountainous road.
  2. The Alu system Lingel 6.0 with all his unique figures allowed us to use for the extra-large glasses an overall glass thickness of up to 38mm

A large number of the windows are not in right angle( Model windows).  Due to the steel structure many of those angles didn`t go straight into the corner of the age. It was cut just at the size of a profile so that the fabrication became really completed.

For the roof top window, we had to tune the existing and standard European design with all standardized and pre-defined fittings into the on-site existing roof structure made out of steel to assure that all supplied fitting equipment’s could be used while assuring the water tightness of the unit as well.   Further complicated became the fact that 3 windows had to be coupled together and along with standardized extension profiles. After the installation we had to supervise the roof tiling contractor how to attach the roof tiles next to our windows to assure the overall weather / water tightness of the unit.


Benefits of implementing the initiative:

  1. All our products were fabricated as per actual size.
  2. The responsibility of correct measurements was with Lingel only.
  3. Our site team coordinates with the civil contractor ,other relevant agencies ,architects and provides the final action plan to the customer / project management.
  4. The general challenge we faced is the overall execution of our work can only happen as per the actual speed of site execution to protect our products from damages.
  5. This particular project was the own residence of the architect.
  6. The timeline and schedule was given by the customer. Execution was completed within 6 months from the date of measurement.


Fact File:

  1. Total Value of Facade : 20 Lakh (In INR)
  2. Total Façade/Door Window Area: 204sqm


Profile surface – Lingel 6.0 Alu

Glass –Saint Gobain

Glass processor – Kainath Bhiwadi

Hardware  –  Siegenia & Lingel SS 304

Design Software  – PrefCo Germany

Silicon – McCoy Sudal

Fixing Fastener – Wuerth Germany

Fabrication Machine –URBAN Germany


Lingel Project _ Residence of Mr Golcha and Mrs Aarti


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