World Environment Day Special: Durafresh Solo by Nippon Paint

World Environment Day Special: Durafresh Solo by Nippon Paint
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Nippon Paint Durafresh Solo Is specially formulated for the new age generation. It is a Self-Priming Exterior Emulsion paint having systematic UV crosslinking mechanism and exhibits an excellent balance of flexibility and dirt pick-up resistance which makes the exterior look new and beautiful for years. Self – Priming (NO PRIMER) saves 25% of time and money for a consumer during the painting process. It is further designed with a unique Heat Ban technology which reflects back 90 % of sun rays and reduces the surface temperature by up to 7°C keeping the Interiors cooler & thereby saving on the energy used for air-conditioning at home. It imparts a rich sheen finish and has anti-algal resistance to keep your walls fresh for longer time.



  1. Ultra-low VOC
  2. Dirt-resistant
  3. Water- repellent
  4. Rich Sheen finish ideal for exterior walls



  1. It doesn’t allow dirt/dust to settle on walls.
  2. The innovative Heat Ban technology reflects back 90 % of the sunrays which reduces surface temperature by up to 7°C.
  3. It does not emit air polluting harmful vapors and paint odour that pollutes our environment.


  1. Exteriors look new and beautiful for years.
  2. This makes the interior cooler, thus helping to save energy used for air-conditioning.
  3. Environment friendly and Healthy paint.



NIPPON PAINT ODOURLESS AIR-CARE is an air purifying paint that contains active carbon technology which converts formaldehyde into water vapor, bringing about the clean fresh air indoors thereby improving the oxygen content in air and improving the cognitive ability substantially of people at home. It also has ultra-low VOC and no odour is anti-bacterial and possesses superior wash-ability. Additionally it does not contain lead and mercury, it is ideal for eco-sensitive buildings.




  1. Anti-formaldehyde and active-carbon technology
  2. Anti-bacterial
  3. Near zero VOC and Near zero odour
  4. Superior, washable and scrub resistant



  1. Absorbs the harmful formaldehyde from the air & converts it into water vapour
  2. Does not allow bacteria to breed and form colonies on the wall
  3. Does not emit harmful air polluting vapors & paint odour that cause eye irritation, headache. Near-zero odour while painting and after
  4. Paint film can be washed with mild soap to get rid of stains and spots



  1. Purifies air
  2. Hygienic surroundings – safe for kids & elders
  3. Healthy interiors- home owners can settle in their houses immediately after painting. Prevents possibility of serious diseases in the long run
  4. Walls can be easily maintained and kept free of stains for long

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