World Environment Day Special: G-Lux Series by GM Modular

World Environment Day Special: G-Lux Series by GM Modular
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G-Lux Series

GM brings you high quality LED lighting solutions with Down Lights, Chandelier Lights, Panel Lights and more for a wide variety of residential and industrial applications. The G-Lux LED luminaire is the world’s first modular LED Down Light. The G-Lux LED lighting solutions help lessen maintenance and reduce the energy use. It has an advanced built-in driver technology for smooth functionality. G-Lux is environmental friendly as it saves more than 85% of energy.


G-LUX Q4X LED 6.5 Watt Right 29-01-2019

ABOUT GM Modular

Founded in 2002, GM has been at the forefront of home electrical solutions that have exceeded market requirements and expectations. GM redefined switch manufacturing in India and has been catering “better lives” to customers across the country. The innovations are the result of a strong R&D team, which is further complimented by an equally dedicated, and capable product design team. The company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is spread around 2.5 lakh square feet with the most efficient and high-grade machinery that produces the finest quality products that carry the GM logo.


GM as a brand, known for its innovations, is one of the largest producer of switches in India and has been the first company to introduce some revolutionary products such as new generation switches, home automation, Bluetooth music players and many more that go right in your walls switch panel. GM brings you high quality LED lighting solutions and exclusive range of fans too. The core ideology for GM was created with the ideology of designing for four walls and appealing to five senses. Quality is the most important quotient that is reflected right from the way we function as a team, to the end product that reaches our customers. From being responsible by using the right eco-friendly raw materials, to the precision in our manufacturing processes.



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