ZICOM to Provide Security for 2000+ Water ATMs

ZICOM to Provide Security for 2000+ Water ATMs
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Pioneers in technologically-advanced security services, ZicomElectronic Security Systems has partnered with JanaJal, India’s premier water servicescompany to offer its specialized security-based solutions to their socially impactfulactivities for 2000+ water ATMs to be commissioned across the country in the next 2 years.

ZICOM Electronic Security Systems pioneered the electronic security industry in thecountry over two decades ago and has till date been successful in leading this sectorthrough its innovative technologically-advanced security solutions.

JanaJal, India’s leading social enterprise based in New Delhi was founded over 5 years agowith the intent of making safe drinking water affordable, accessible and available to allthe common man. The company particularly targets high density areas to address theconcern inaccessibility of safe drinking water for majority of the masses. Till date, thecompany has deployed over 550 water ATMs.

ZICOM aims to support this noble mission of JanaJal by monitoring these water ATMs in thereal-time and keeping them safe from all kinds of vandalism or theft through theirfuturistic AI technology-based security solutions that includes Wireless CCTV Cameras witha built-in panel connected to a magnetic door sensor. Taking security to the next level,ZICOM will also install Low Energy Bluetooth enabled access control for keyless entry toevery water ATM. This system will also include a Biometric based Time & AttendanceDevice making it easier to monitor and manage various clusters of water ATMs across thecountry.

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